Artist Talk

Re-Looking At The World From My Bedroom
Hosted by The Godown and Open Books International
Supported by Arts Council of Wales and MyCreativeVentures

18 December 2021
3PM - 4PM
The Godown
11, Jalan Ampang,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Re-Looking At The World From My Bedroom keynote featuring excerpts from A Woman Looking At Men Looking At Women by Siri Husvedt (2016) — “A work of art has no sex. The sex of the artist does not determine a work’s gender, which may be one or another, or multiple versions thereof. ”

Re-Looking At The World From My Bedroom is be a sharing session breaking down the thoughts, ideas and overall process that initiated ‘We_Are_Ok_And_Not_Ok’ in collaboration with Sue Williams (Wales). The unconstrained dialogue discusses how we navigate through the current state of our world today as women and artists -- ranging on subjects of gender, censorship, climate change, social identity including myriad of other ongoing happenings and influences that have fed into our daily conversation.

I will be presenting within the nexus of contemporary photography and feminism. Bringing audiences through our introspective dialogue while highlighting seminal thoughts that has driven our conversation forward. Allowing us to re-examine the in-betweens and issues of today that might have been overlooked. Through the shared writers, artists and photographers such as Simryn Gill, Diana Lui and Dayanita Singh as well as a resource of physical books and printed materials that have informed me throughout this project, I hope to have a discourse with the audiences about the ever-evolving ideas of feminism and the future of contemporary photography.