Creature Of Desire  欲望人生 (2021)

Creature Of Desire 欲望人生 is a short visual narrative exploring the psychological effects of post-relationships on women.

Her hair. Her skin. Her desires. Her orgasms. Her impulses. Her dreams. Her consciousness. Her emotions.
The emotional experience of past relationships shape the way she navigates through the ruins of body image,
sexuality and self-identity.

This film looks at the female body as something that was never hers to begin with.
Her body is always someone’s to be defined, to take pleasure in and be hurt. The element of hair in exaggerated
length, a visual identification through this phase in her life.

“Hair as a form of identity.
Hair as a self-care ritual.
Hair as self-acceptance.
Hair as self-expression.
Hair as a protective shield.
Hair as temporary.
Hair as a sign of change; good and bad.
Hair, a never ending process of  growth.
Hair through the different stages of womanhood.
Hair through innocence, heartache, sexual discoveries and pain.
Hair carrying the weight of history, culture and upbringing.
Hair reminding me of the past and my uncertain future. ”

She gave him vulnerability. She gave him everything. She gave him what she thought he wanted. But, he only saw her for her beautiful hair and her tender physique.

Supported by Cendana Malaysia.

Directed Ang Xia Yi  洪 嘉 苡 
Co - Directed Jasmine Wong 王姿蓓
DOP Matthew Chow 趙荣杰
1st AC  Farah Fadzil
2nd AC Christy Vignesh
Gaffer Matthew Chow 趙荣杰

Movement Director Natasha Pea
Editor Jasmine Wong 王姿蓓
Sound Design Shelhiel Fong 邝晅恒
Fashion Caro Chia 谢嘉慧
Talent Nia Ainah

Hairstylist Casey Gooi 凯尔斯
Set Assistant 1 Nurin Yusof
Set Assistant 2 Danial Yap
Graphics Amanda Gayle
Equipments Oscar Tong and 2117Rental
Tech Support Mark Morris