We Are Ok And Not Ok

[with Sue Williams]
Digital Website

We Are Ok And Not Ok is an unconstrained dialogue between Sue Williams and Ang Xia Yi discussing how both of them navigate through the current state of our world today as women and artists – ranging on subjects of gender, censorship, climate change, social identity, politics including myriad of other ongoing happenings and influences that have fed into their daily. Their intimate conversation went on for 8 weeks as part of the programme.

BUKA BUKU, A collaboration between The Godown (Malaysia), The Hangzhou Academy of Arts (China) and Open Books International (Wales) — a collective of curators and artists originating from Wales and is supported by Malaysia’s MyCreative Ventures and the Arts Council of Wales, featuring over 60 contemporary works by artists from different countries including Wales, China, Australia, Canada, India and USA. Since its inception in Wales (2012), the exhibition has travelled to many cities around the world and grown in size with participating by local artists in each country it visits. BUKA BUKU at The Godown marks the inaugural showing in Malaysia with participation by Malaysian artists for the first time. Malaysian participant, Ang Xia Yi was paired with Wales-based artist, Sue Williams throughout the programme to create works together.