Who Is She? Zine (2020)

In my first  zine titled Who Is She? Zine 她是谁,  I hope to unearth, explore and truthfully present stories of working class women in the Malaysian workforce. This photography series was inspired by the women that have always worn the pants in my family. Growing up in a culture that places family first has always made me question the what, how and why family commitment impacts working class women in Malaysia.

Print Specifications
190mm x 140mm
36 pages
Staple bound

Art Direction Engku Iman
Calligraphy Fong Sheeney 鄺信怡
Text Editor Ling Jie Tuang 莊令捷

Who Is She? Zine is part of the The Invisible Future, Facing The Visible Past : Photobooks of Malaysia collection at the Lightbox Library in Taipei, Taiwan.