Ang Xia Yi (b.1996, Malaysia) is an artist based in Kuala Lumpur. Her work focuses on themes of identity, familial legacy, emotional politics and the collective memory of archipelagic Southeast Asia – taking shape through forms of installation, paintings, photography, drawing, book-making and archival intervention using everyday materials. She draws from historical references, found objects, personal experiences and archives of all forms including vernacular family photographs.

Through her practice, she seeks to engage in the emotional consequences of colonialism and postcolonial legacies imparted on the land, culture and community she grew up with. Her intuitive based practice focuses on the materiality of everyday objects that can be found within domestic spaces. Lace curtains, linen cheesecloth, baby napkins, photo albums, passports and expired identity cards are some examples of visual materials she identifies and uses in her work.

She is currently exhibiting ‘ The Foolish Young Woman Who Removed The Mountains ’ with Island Gallery in New York. Most recently, she was selected for an online residency under Openbooks International with Wales based artist, Sue Williams. The collaborative exchange initiated ‘ We Are Ok & Not Ok ’ exhibiting as part of BUKA BUKU at The Godown, Kuala Lumpur in 2021.

She has previously pursued her BA in Fashion Journalism at Central Saint Martins, London in 2017.

The Race of Flowers, Awegallery, Kuala Lumpur

Small Works, The BackRoom, Zhongshan, Kuala Lumpur
Small Works, China House, Georgetown, Penang Island
Wonderwall, The BackRoom, Zhongshan, Kuala Lumpur
KL20x20, Tun Perak Co-Op, Kuala Lumpur

PAUSE, Tun Perak Co-Op, Kuala Lumpur
Memory / Time Machine, Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur

BUKA BUKU, Open Books, The Godown, Kuala Lumpur Project 555 : Small Observations of An On-Going Pandemic, Ilham Gallery, Kuala LumpurCircular Ruins, Island Gallery, New York
Boom Zoom Exhibition, APW, Kuala Lumpur


Who Is She? Zine 她是誰, The Invisible Future, Facing The Visible Past : Photobooks of Malaysia Collection, Lightbox Library, Taipei, Taiwan (Curated by Jeffrey Lim and Bernice Chauly). Zine ID: 000000017688

I Am Not Ok, Are You? for BUKA BUKU, Open Books Collection of folding books (Curated by Mary Husted and Lienne Loy).

iPhone Diary for Project 555: Small Observations Of An On-Going Pandemic, Collection of Malaysia Design Archive, Ilham Gallery, Kuala Lumpur. ID: 2022.01.005


Re-Looking At The World From My Bedroom, Artist Talk for BUKA BUKU, Open Books, The Godown, Kuala Lumpur (18.12.2021)


The Malaysian Woman மலேசியப் பெண், Cendana Create Now Funding 2021 (Cycle 01)

Who Is She? Zine (2020)

In my first  zine titled Who Is She? Zine 她是谁,  I hope to unearth, explore and truthfully present stories of working class women in the Malaysian workforce. This photography series was inspired by the women that have always worn the pants in my family. Growing up in a culture that places family first has always made me question the what, how and why family commitment impacts working class women in Malaysia.

Print Specifications
190mm x 140mm
36 pages
Staple bound

Art Direction Engku Iman
Calligraphy Fong Sheeney 鄺信怡
Text Editor Ling Jie Tuang 莊令捷

Who Is She? Zine is part of the The Invisible Future, Facing The Visible Past : Photobooks of Malaysia collection at the Lightbox Library in Taipei, Taiwan.